oyce Connelley is a highly successful author, journalist, and marketing professional with two previous books to her credit. She has published hundreds of articles for national and regional periodicals and numerous trade journals. She began her career as a journalist for the Whittier Daily News and served as Managing Editor of Business Software, a consumer-oriented technology magazine.

In 1986, she launched her own marketing agency serving Silicon Valley companies in the fields of technology, consumer electronics, and medicine. During this period, she co-authored “The Black and White Solution: Bar Code and the IBM PC” (Helmers Publishing, 1986), an authoritative guide to automatic identification technology, and “Our Century: 1960-1970,” an historical overview of the 1960s published by David S. Lake Publishers (1989).

Joyce holds a B.A. in Journalism from San Jose State University. Currently, Joyce and her husband own Marshall Grain Company, an independent organic garden center and landscaping business in Grapevine, Texas where Joyce is the V.P. of Marketing. Under her leadership, Marshall Grain Co. has been ranked nationally as a Top 100 independent garden center and is one of the largest organic independent garden centers in Texas.

Joyce has been recognized numerous times by national and local civic organizations, including the Daughters of the American Revolution, for her conservation and animal welfare efforts.

She and her husband serve every whim of their six cats (3 who live in their retail store and 3 who live at home).


About the Book

Abandoned by her birth mother, abused by her adoptive mother, and then rejected again by her birth mother, Joyce embarks on a 25-year quest to untangle the web of secrets and lies behind her relinquishment, failed relationships and recurring psychological traumas. Ultimately, she needs not just tenacity, but also subpoenas and DNA tests to break down the doors to her past. Before she’s finished, she recovers from alcoholism, redefines her understanding of love and family, and embraces the faith of her ancestors: Judaism.