The Trinity River Book Festival invites the invaluable support of Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and other distinguished jewels to illuminate its success. Through the generosity of monetary sponsorship, this event will shine brightly and radiate a sense of enjoyment to all attendees. Your contribution as a sponsor can elevate the festival to new heights, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for all participants.  Thank you for your interest in creating a vibrant and enriching literary celebration along the Trinity River.

As you know sponsorship is so crucial to the success of public events.   Your sponsorship is highly-visible, cost-effective way to reach a wide range of potential customers and consumers.   The various levels of sponsorship represent excellent opportunities to tailor a visibility program that meets your specific marketing needs while positioning your company as a leader in important causes such as reading and literacy.

Please submit your interest and we will send a sponsorship package.  Thank you