With an illustrious 18-year career as a Special Needs Educator, Dr. Yolanda M. Carter, hailing from Pensacola, Florida, has demonstrated a profound commitment to facilitating the educational journey for individuals with special needs.

A distinguished alumna of Florida State University, Central Michigan University, and Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Carter transitioned from an honorable service in the United States Air Force to being an inspiring educator.

Her teaching journey took her across Florida, gracing classrooms in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Orlando.

Eventually, Dr. Carter found her true calling in Dallas, Texas as a Vocational Compliance Teacher, where she was instrumental in guiding young adults transitioning into the workforce.

She founded ‘I Love My Job, LLC’, a dedicated platform offering transition employment services for disabled adults.

The business, Dr. Carter & Jax, is a tribute to an extraordinary individual who had a significant impact on her life and is also an integral part of the children’s book that carries the same name.