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Trinity River Book Festival

Unleash the Flow of Beautiful Literature at Trinity River Book Festival in Fort Worth, Texas


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Trinity River Book Festival

Celebrating National Literacy Month

Celebrating Books Reading

Welcome to the Trinity River Book Festival (TRBF), a magnificent multicultural event established in 2022 and held during National Literacy Month. Our professional team at TRBF is dedicated to engaging readers, supporting authors, and cultivating new readership while showcasing the literary heritage of Fort Worth, Dallas, Mid-cities and beyond, and highlighting the literary interests of current residents and visitors. 

With a focus on integrating a healthy lifestyle alongside festivities, we kick off the festival with the invigorating Run-to-Read, featuring a 5K race and a 1-mile fun run. This unique experience combines the love for literature with physical well-being, creating an energizing atmosphere. TRBF is structured to inspire, entertain, inform, and empower individuals, families, and communities alike. With a diverse range of panels and discussions covering various topics, attendees can expect an enlightening and enriching experience at our festival. Whether you are an avid reader, aspiring writer, or simply interested in immersing yourself in the world of books, TRBF offers an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate the written word and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. Join us as we celebrate the power of literacy and the joy of reading at the Trinity River Book Festival.



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Where the West Begins

Trinity River Book Festival, where the beauty of literature meets the serenity of the river


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Featured Author
Alex Temblador
Alice Randall
Douglas Redwine
E. R. Bills
Jim Brown, Post Commander
Jim Schutze

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Featured Panels

Faith & Inspiration

Power of reading to uplifting your spirit

Romance on the River

Rivertown exploration of historical and contemporary romance


Sharing and connecting to the Indigensious Experience


Discussing community mental health issues and available resources

Environmental Advocacy

Informing, educating, and involving communities about lead prevention and river restoration strategies that protect human health and the environment.

History and Culture

Understanding the history and culture of Fort Worth and surrounding cities


Literary fiction from realism to mystery to magination that immerse into the written word

Comics/Manga/Graphic Novels ~Anime

Breaking down the new craze in this genre

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